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This standard defines and classifies galvanic compatibility of electrically conductive materials and establishes requirements for protecting electrically conductive materials in a dissimilar couple against galvanic corrosion.
Data collected in this standard was completed in static, immersion conditions in artificial seawater in accordance with ASTM D1141 (without heavy metals).
Material One
Material One Role
Material Two
Material Two Role
Corrosion (Microns/Year)
Corrosion (Mil/Year)
AluminumAnodeStainless Steel 15-5 PHCathode5256.810.11AluminumAnodeAluminum A356Cathode216.880.6644AluminumAnodeTitanium Ti6Al4VCathode219.10.7521AluminumAnodeAluminum 2024-T3Cathode378.413.087AluminumCathodeAluminum 6061-T6 Chromate 6+Anode218.220.7172AluminumCathodeAluminum 6061-T6 Chromate 3+Anode223.390.9207AluminumAnodeNickel Alloy Inconel 600Cathode360.132.367AluminumAnodeStainless Steel A286 PassivateCathode3117.34.619AluminumAnodeStainless Steel 13-8 PH PassivateCathode4150.85.935AluminumAnodeAluminum 7075-T6Cathode4183.27.213AluminumAnodeAluminum 2024-T3 Chromate 3+Cathode337.931.493AluminumAnodeCopper Alloy Nickel-Aluminum-BronzeCathode4140.15.515AluminumAnodeCopper Alloy Copper-BerylliumCathode4144.25.676AluminumAnodePlatinumCathode5266.810.51AluminumAnodeAluminum 7075-T6 Chromate 3+Cathode214.940.588AluminumAnodeSilverCathode342.61.677AluminumAnodeStainless Steel 17-4 PHCathode4239.79.438AluminumAnodeElectroless NickelCathode4129.35.092AluminumCathodeAluminum 5083 Chromate 6+Anode224.220.9534AluminumCathodeMagnesium WE43 TagniteAnode5187573.84
3660 items
Corrosion Severity
This table should not be used to indicate the level of risk associated with the galvanic couple nor should it be used to determine the level of protection required to protect the conductive materials. The CEA or appropriate design authority will determine the necessary protection. The corrosion rate was determined for conductive materials in a 1:1 surface area ratio.

The number in the cells represent a range at which the anodic material will corrode when coupled with the cathodic material in artificial seawater. Any number above zero indicates galvanic incompatibility. The range of the corrosion rate in mil/year is as follows:

Rating Galvanic Corrosion Rate (Mil/Year)
0 Less than 0.09 mil/year
1 0.01 - 0.09 mil/year
2 0.1 - 0.9 mil/year
3 1 - 4.99 mil/year
4 5 - 9.99 mil/year
5 10 - 99.99 mil/year
6 Greater than 100 mil/year
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